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2015-2016 Vincennes University Catalog 
2015-2016 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Electronic Media - Emerging Media News Concentration 7111, A.S. Career/Tech

A Two-Year Program Leading to the A.S. Degree

The Electronic Journalism Concentration of the Electronic Media program is to prepare graduates for producing news with an accurate creation and delivery of news content through electronic multiplatforms including radio, television, and online formats. Students will learn how to research, investigate, and create news content by developing skills in writing, interviewing, photography, and editing audio and video for on-air delivery. The impact and interaction of media in a diverse community through media research will be studied. Students will also identify the characteristics of a target audience for content creation and civic engagement. Graduates will be prepared for employment as Electronic Journalists and/or transfer to baccalaureate programs.

Major Program Requirements

All required electronic media courses must be successfully completed with a grade of C or better. Student may register for 200-level Electronic Media courses only if all 100-level Electronic Media courses have been completed, or are in the process of completion, or by departmental approval.

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Total Hours: 15

Semester II

Total Hours: 15

Semester III

Total Hours: 15

Semester IV

Total Hours: 15

Total Hours: 60