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2022-2023 Vincennes University Catalog 
2022-2023 Vincennes University Catalog

Nursing - LPN-BSN Completion Concentration 6002, B.S.

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A Program Leading to a B.S. Degree

This program is specific to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) who want to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing. The program is designed to provide professional licensed nurses the opportunity to achieve advancement in their careers and seek leadership and management roles in the health care setting.  The program offers experiences in various healthcare settings, including leadership and community nursing.

The LPN to BSN program is initiating candidacy from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.  Information on accreditation status may be obtained by contacting ACEN.  They may be contacted at the following address:  ACEN, Inc., 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400, Atlanta, GA 30326; 404-979-5000; or

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the LPN to BSN program, the graduate will:

  1. Apply leadership concepts through collaboration, teamwork, and the utilization of nursing informatics to improve patient care.
  2. Utilize research to enhance nursing judgement in order to provide safe and quality care.
  3. Apply the concepts of holistic, culturally sensitive, and patient-centered care to professional practice.
  4. Model professionalism by incorporating the BSN Essentials while adhering to the registered nurse practice standards.
  5. Evaluate health promotion and preventative care measures at individual and population levels.
  6. Analyze factors that impact healthcare.
Admission Requirements

Admission to the University does not ensure admission to the nursing program. The number of students admitted is limited by the availability of instructional resources and clinical learning sites. Each applicant is reviewed individually. Due to the number of applications for this program, admission is competitive in nature. Preference will be given to applicants having a higher GPA and those who receive a grade of B or higher in math and science courses. Practical Nursing course grades will also be considered when selecting students for admission. The Nursing Department reserves the right to request additional information related to eligibility from the applicant. Any falsification of application information will result in denial of admission or removal from the program.

All applicants must meet the following basic admission requirements.

  1. Meet admission requirements of the University.
  2. Possess an unencumbered Practical Nurse license.
  3. Possess physical and mental health acceptable for performance in the occupation as determined by the Department of Nursing and evidenced by examination by a licensed practitioner.
  4. Provide evidence of a recent placement test if requested by the Nursing Department.
  5. Applicant may repeat an academic course only one time in order to achieve a grade of C or better.
  1. Applicant must hold no current grade less than C in any required general education course.  
  2. Applicants with current grades less than C in required general education courses are not eligible for admission.
  3. Required non-nursing courses may only be repeated one time in order to raise the grade to a C or better. This includes prerequisites to required courses.
  1. Applicants must have the following prerequisites completed prior to entering the LPN-BSN program:
  1. Completion of one year of high school chemistry with a grade of C or better within 5 years of beginning the program -or- have 3 or more years of experience as an LPN -or- completion with a grade of C or better in CHEM 100 /CHEM 100L , or equivalent course.
  2. Completion with a grade of C or better in the following courses:  1) BIOL 111 /BIOL 111L ; 2) BIOL 112 /BIOL 112L ; 3) MATH 102  or MATH 103 , or higher; and 4) ENGL 101 .
  1. Only BIOL 208  that has been taken less than seven years prior to admission to the nursing program will be considered for credit.
  2. The registrar will determine if credit is to be granted for courses taken at other higher education institutions.
Criminal History Policy

Our nursing programs are committed to selecting students for admission who can be guaranteed placement in our affiliated clinical agencies. As part of the admissions process, applicants selected for admission will be required to complete a criminal history and drug screening. The criminal history report and drug screening results will be used as criterion for admission to and continued enrollment in the programs. Applicants should be aware that any adverse criminal history report or treatment for substance abuse may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the program.

Directions for submitting the criminal history report from Vincennes University’s approved vendor will be provided to applicants that are selected for admission to the program. Applicants are responsible for the cost of the criminal history report. Results of criminal history reports from our approved vendor automatically release to the Nursing Department and may be shared with affiliated clinical agencies. The Nursing Department will review any adverse criminal history reports. Applicants with adverse criminal history reports will be required to complete a criminal history report explanation form. Additional materials may be requested by the Nursing Department. The Nursing Department will review the case and may consult our clinical affiliates to determine program eligibility. If the Nursing Department denies an applicant admission into the program, the applicant may appeal the decision in writing within 10 days of the denial. Appeals must be addressed to the Department of Nursing, 1002 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591. Appeals will also be accepted via email at

Any applicant or currently enrolled student in any of the nursing programs who has had an arrest or any change in their criminal history since the initial background check was completed must report the information to the department chair prior to the next nursing course day. Failure to report this information violates our clinical agency agreement and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the nursing program.

Drug Screening Policy

All applicants selected for admission are required to submit a 10 panel drug screening prior to beginning courses. The drug screening includes screening for Amphetamines, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Creatinine, Cannabinoids, Methadone, Methaqualone, Opiates, Phencyclidine, Propoxyphene, and PH. Drug screen results with a dilute negative will not be accepted. Applicants with a dilute negative result will be required to retest within 2 weeks of the original posted results. A second dilute negative will result in the student either supplying a blood test or hair sample for drug testing. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program. Please note that use of CBD oil may result in a positive drug screen. A positive drug screen for any reason will result in denial of admission to the program. Instructions for the drug screening will be provided to applicants that have been selected for admission to the program.

The determination on eligibility to take the licensure exam will be made by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. Approval for admission to the nursing program does not guarantee approval by the State Board of Nursing to take the licensure exam (NCLEX). More information about the Indiana State Board of Nursing Licensure Laws and Regulations may be found on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency’s website at

Required for all Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Students Admitted to the Program

Once students are admitted to the program and prior to the date set by the Nursing Department, students are responsible for completing the following requirements:

  1. Assume responsibility for personal health care costs; therefore, students are strongly urged to maintain health insurance coverage.
  2. Provide requirements as mandated by the clinical practicum agency including, but not limited to CPR certification; proof of immunity to flu, varicella, measles, and tuberculosis; proof of Hepatitis B inoculation or refusal thereof; and criminal history and drug screen. 
  3. Maintain access to a computer with Microsoft Office, a microphone, camera, and the Internet.

Note: A fee for liability insurance will be charged to all nursing students through the University Bursar’s Office. 

Standards for Progression and Graduation
  1. Nursing students must achieve a minimum grade of C in all required courses.  Students that achieve a grade less than a C in a required course must enroll in the course the next available semester.  A required course may only repeat one time in order to achieve a grade of C or better.  Failure to achieve a grade of C or better on the second attempt will result in dismissal from the LPN to BSN program.
  2. Students that earn a grade of D in more than one nursing course or earn a grade of F in a nursing course will be dismissed from the program. 
  3. Students must comply with student handbook, clinical facilities, college catalog, and syllabi rules/regulations.
Appeal/Readmission Policy

The Readmission Policy applies to any student that was unsuccessful in passing or withdrew from a nursing course or any student that did not meet the Standards for Admission and Graduation listed above.

  • Applicants seeking to reenter the program at the point in which they withdrew, must reenter the program within one year. Otherwise, the student may apply for readmission to begin the program in its entirety.
  • Any LPN-BSN student that has been dismissed from the program is not eligible for readmission until after three years of the last non-passing nursing course.
  • The effective catalog for students readmitted to the program in courses beyond the first semester will be the effective catalog at the time of the first admission.
  • Readmission applications are reviewed on an individual basis by the Nursing Department. Factors that will be considered in the decision to readmit a student include, but are not limited to space availability, course sequencing, and student performance which includes grades, professional behavior, and clinical performance.
  • Applicants for readmission must submit a readmission application by the deadline established by the Nursing Department.
  • Applications are reviewed on an individual basis by the Nursing Department.
  • In accordance with the University Grievance Policy, applicants who believe they have extenuating circumstances to these readmission standards may submit a letter of appeal to the LPN-BSN Chair to explain the situation.

Program Requirements


LPN Core Courses and General Education Courses

University Core Curriculum Requirements

Recommended Sequence of Courses: Full-Time Option

Total Hours: 12

Total Hours: 15

Total Hours: 13

Total Hours: 13

Total Hours: 7

Semester VII

Total Hours: 12

Total Hours: 14

Total Hours: 120

Recommended Sequence of Courses: Part-Time Option

Year One

Total Hours: 9

Total Hours: 6

Total Hours: 3

Year Two

Total Hours: 10

Total Hours: 10

Total Hours: 3

Year Three

Semester VII

Total Hours: 8

Semester VIII

Total Hours: 9

Total Hours: 4

Year Four

Semester IX

Total Hours: 10

Total Hours: 11

Total Hours: 3

Total Hours: 120

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