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2021-2022 Vincennes University Catalog 
2021-2022 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Indiana College Core 2260, C.G.

A Certificate of Graduation

The Indiana College Core Certificate of Graduation is designed for students who are exploring program/major options to complete a degree at Vincennes University and for students who plan to transfer from VU to complete a degree elsewhere.

The Indiana College Core allows students to identify their aptitudes and build an academic foundation that serves as the “first year” of course work for a range of degree programs at Vincennes University, including associate and baccalaureate degrees. The Indiana College Core gives students the opportunity to prepare academically and socially for college success in order to compete in a global workplace. Successful completion of the Indiana College Core will be recognized for transfer to public institutions of higher education in Indiana, in compliance with the established Statewide Transfer General Education Core in Senate Enrollment Act 182 (2012).

Note regarding transfer: Successful completion of the Indiana College Core requirements is not a guarantee of admission to a particular program at a state educational institution. The Indiana College Core does not add to, subtract from, or change any requirements for a major. Students need to work closely with an advisor to determine what relationship, if any, exists between requirements for general education and requirements for a specific major.

Major Program Requirements

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Semester I

Total Hours: 15

Semester II

  • UCC Laboratory Science elective 4 hrs
  • UCC Humanities elective 3 hrs
  • UCC Writing elective 3 hrs
  • UCC electives 5 hrs

Total Hours: 15

Total Hours: 30