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2018-2019 Vincennes University Catalog 
2018-2019 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing, ASN Completion Concentration for Licensed Practical Nurses 6252

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A Two-Year Restricted Admission Program Leading to the A.S. Degree

This program satisfies the Nursing Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) created under Indiana Senate Enrolled Act 182 passed in 2013. Entrance into the ASN Completion program will permit students to obtain credit for the first-year Associate of Science Nursing Program courses and enter the second year of the program. Graduates of the Associate of Science Nursing Program earn an Associate of Science in Nursing and are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Indiana Code Section 39.IC 25-23-1-11 requires that any person who applies to the board for a license to practice as a registered nurse must not have (a) been convicted of a crime that has a direct bearing on the person’s ability to practice competently; or (b) committed an act that would constitute grounds for a disciplinary sanction under IC 25-1-9. If applicable to you, see the Program Chairperson for further discussion.

The ASN Completion Concentration for Licensed Practical Nurses program is accredited by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). Information on accreditation status may be obtained by contacting the ACEN. They may be contacted at the following address: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN, Inc.), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia 30326 (1-404-975-5000), or

The curriculum provides a balance between general education and nursing. The nursing faculty provides instruction and guidance in the College Learning Laboratory, hospitals, community mental health centers, community agencies, and other healthcare facilities. Transportation related to clinical experiences is the responsibility of the student. Applicants are accepted into the ASN-RN Completion program only one time annually.

Program Outcomes

At the completion of the Associate of Science in Nursing Program, the graduate will:

  1. Collaborate with members of the healthcare team incorporating nursing informatics to manage care for patients and families across the lifespan in a variety of healthcare settings.
  2. Utilize nursing judgment to provide safe and quality care for patient populations across the lifespans.
  3. Provide holistic patient-centered care utilizing cultural sensitivity for diverse individuals, families, and groups.
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and leadership skills while adhering to registered nurse practice standards.
  5. Provide health promotion and preventative care for individuals, families, and groups.

Selection Process

Admission to the University does not ensure admission to the nursing program. The number of students admitted is limited by the availability of instructional resources and clinical learning sites. Each applicant is reviewed individually. Due to the number of applications for this program, admission is competitive in nature. Preference will be given to applicants having a higher GPA and those who receive a grade of B or higher in Math, Science, and Developmental Psychology courses. The Nursing Admissions Committee reserves the right to request additional information related to eligibility from the applicant. Any falsification of application information will result in denial of admission or removal from the program.

Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet the following basic admission requirements.

  1. Admission requirements of the University must be met.
  2. A valid Practical Nursing License must be held by the applicant. Applicants must have graduated from a nationally accredited practical nursing program.
  3. Applicants should possess physical and mental health acceptable for performance in the occupation as determined by the Department of Nursing and evidenced by examination by a licensed practitioner.
  4. A recent placement test may be requested by the Nursing Admissions Committee.
  5. Qualify for placement into MATH 102 MATH 103 , or higher with no corequisite as determined by the Vincennes University Placement Test (Accuplacer), or receive appropriate credit.
  6. Qualify for exemption from READ 011 .
  7. Completion of ENGL 101  and BIOL 111 /111L  with a C or better grade.
  8. Completion of one year of high school chemistry with a grade of C or better within 6 years of beginning the Program -or- completion of CHEM 100 /100L  with a grade of C or better. 
  9. A cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher is required.
  10. The GPA will be calculated using the courses from the ASN Program General Education Requirements, applicable chemistry grades, and Practical Nursing Courses.
  11. Applicant may repeat an academic course only one time in order to achieve a grade of C or better and/or raise the GPA to 2.6 minimum.
  12. Only MATH taken less than seven years prior to admission to the nursing program will be considered for credit. Students seeking credit for a math course that was taken longer than seven years prior to admission to the nursing program must receive a cut score of EA 70 or higher on the Accuplacer or receive a passing grade on the College Algebra CLEP exam.
  13. Only BIOL 208 - Microbiology for the Health Sciences / BIOL 208L - Microbiology for the Health Sciences Laboratory  and PSYC 201 - Developmental Psychology  taken less than five years prior to admission to the nursing program will be considered for credit.
  14. The Registrar will determine if credit is to be granted for courses taken at other higher education institutions.
  15. NURS 175 - LPN to ASN Transition  must be completed in the academic year immediately preceding entry into the second year nursing courses.
  16. Applicants that have received a grade of F in any nursing course are not eligible for admission.

*Criminal History Policy

The Department of Nursing requires that all applicants selected for admission submit a criminal history report. Applicants should be aware that any previous or current conviction of a crime or treatment for substance abuse may result in ineligibility to be admitted to the VU Nursing Program(s) and/or affect the ability to be licensed as a nurse. The determination on eligibility to take the licensure exam will be made by the Indiana State Board of Nursing. More information about the Indiana State Board of Nursing Licensure Laws and Regulations may be found on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency’s website at Please visit for the current criminal history procedures.

Standards for Progression and Graduation

Upon completion of  NURS 175 - LPN to ASN Transition 7 hrs  with a C or better, the student will receive advanced placement credit for NURS 170 11 hrs  in Associate of Science in Nursing. (There is no tuition fee for these 11 credits.)

Students must successfully complete (grades of C or better) all 19 general education hours from the first level Associate of Science in Nursing curriculum prior to beginning the second level ASN courses (NURS 212  and NURS 222 ).

The 16 total credits for NURS 175 /NURS 170  plus the 17 general education hours, totaling 35 credit hours, equal the first year of the standard Associate of Science in Nursing 6250 program curriculum plan.

Once beginning 200 level Associate of Science in Nursing courses, students will adhere to the same standards as all Associate of Science in Nursing students. Please refer to these standards for information on progression and graduation requirements.

Readmission Policy

The Readmission Policy applies to any student that was unsuccessful in passing or withdrew from a nursing course or any student that did not meet the Standards for Admission and Graduation listed above.

  1. Applicants may be readmitted to the program one time only.
  2. Applicants seeking to reenter the program at the point in which they withdrew, must reenter the program within one year. Otherwise, the student may apply for readmission to begin the program in its entirety.
  3. The effective catalog for students readmitted to the program in courses beyond the first semester will be the effective catalog at the time of the first admission.
  4. Qualified applicants will be readmitted on a space-available basis. In the event that the number of applicants exceeds available space, positions may be offered to applicants with higher qualifications.
  5. Applicants for readmission must submit a readmission application by the deadline established by the Nursing Department.
  6. All Applicants must have a minimum semester GPA of 2.0 in order to be considered for readmission.
  7. Applicants that received a grade of F in any nursing course may not apply for readmission.
  8. Applicants that have received a grade less than C in more than one nursing course are not eligible to reapply for admission.
  9. Students may only take NURS 175  one time in order to pass the course with a grade of C or better. Students that are unsuccessful in NURS 175  may apply to the ASN Program beginning at the NURS 100 level, providing they meet admission requirements.
  10. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis by the Nursing Department.
  11. In accordance with the University Grievance Policy, applicants who believe they have extenuating circumstances to these readmission standards may submit a letter of appeal to the Nursing Department Admissions Committee to explain the situation.

Recommended Sequence of Courses


See A.S. Nursing Standards for Progression and Graduation  for exceptions to recommended course sequence.

  • Completion of one year of high school chemistry with a grade of C or better within 6 years of beginning the Program -or- completion of CHEM 100 /CHEM 100L  with a grade of C or better 0-4 hrs

Total Hours: 10-14

Total Hours: 22

Prior to Beginning 200 Level Nursing Courses

Total Hours: 3

Total Hours: 18

Semester IV

Total Hours: 14

Total Hours: 67-71

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