Apr 20, 2021  
2019-2020 Vincennes University Catalog 
2019-2020 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SURV 301 - Boundary Surveying and Legal Aspects

2 hrs (Sem I)
Statute law and common law are covered. Practical description writing and interpretation including simultaneous and sequence conveyance, dedications, and reversion. Rules of evidence to include classification of evidence, burden of proof, presumptions and weights of classes of evidence. Labs will consist of completed surveys including client con tact, courthouse research, data gathering decision-making, plat of survey, legal descriptions Surveyor Reports meeting current minimum standards for Indiana. 2 class hours.

Writing Reading and Speaking Intensive Course

Prerequisite(s): Students must have a passing grade in ENGL 101 , SURV 100 , and SURV 220 . Corequisite(s): SURV 301L