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2019-2020 Vincennes University Catalog 
2019-2020 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Education Programs of Study

Distance Education

Vincennes University’s Distance Education offers students the opportunity to pursue their education goals without having to spend extended periods of time on a college campus. Over 400 courses are offered through the Distance Education Program, with more than 25 degrees and 24 certificates available entirely online. Students who need access to college courses and who need flexibility to accommodate busy schedules, find Vincennes University’s Distance Education Program to be the answer.

Degrees available online at Vincennes University include:

Bachelor of Science
Nursing 6001 RN To BSN Completion  
Homeland Security and Public Safety 7000, B.S. 
Technology 8000, B.S. 
Technology - Information Technology Baccalaureate Concentration 8004, B.S.  
Technology - Agribusiness Baccalaureate Concentration 8006, B.S.  
Technology - Business Management and Leadership Baccalaureate Concentration 8007, B.S.  

Associate in Arts
Behavioral Sciences 1050, A.A. 
Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration 1053 A.A. 
Behavioral Sciences, Sociology Concentration 1054, A.A. 
Liberal Arts - Social Science Concentration 1450, A.A. 

Associate of Applied Science Career/Tech
General Studies 2250, A.S. Career/Tech  
Pharmacy Technology 4832, A.S. Career/Tech  
Accounting 5250, A.S. Career/Tech  
Business Management 5360, A.S. Career/Tech 
Business Management - Finance Concentration 5362, A.S. Career/Tech  
Business Management - Direct Supervision Concentration 5365, A.S. Career/Tech  
IT Support and Cyber Security 5440, A.S. Career/Tech  
Software Development 5450, A.S. Career/Tech  
General Studies - Business Studies 5900, A.S. Career/Tech  
Funeral Service Education 6050, A.S. Career/Tech 
Health Information Management 6150, A.S. Career/Tech 
Surgical Technology 6550, A.S. Career/Tech  
Cosmetology 7200, A.S. Career/Tech  
Law Enforcement 7500, A.S. Career/Tech  
General Studies - Technology Apprenticeship Concentration 8901, A.S. Career/Tech 

Associate of Science Transfer
Behavioral Sciences 1050, A.S. Transfer 
Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration 1053 A.S. Transfer 
Behavioral Sciences, Sociology Concentration 1054, A.S. Transfer 
Liberal Arts - Social Science Concentration 1450, A.S. Transfer 
Social Work 1500, A.S. Transfer 
General Studies 2250, A.S. Transfer 
Family And Consumer Sciences 2300, A.S. Transfer  
Public Relations and Communication 2500, A.S. Transfer  
Computer Science 5004, A.S. Transfer  
Business Administration 5050, A.S. Transfer 


Associate of Science Transfer Continued
Supply Chain Logistics Management 5405, A.S. Transfer 
Information Technology 5510, A.S. Transfer 
Information Technology - Web Design Concentration 5512, A.S. Transfer  
Information Technology - Programming and Game Development Concentration 5513, A.S. Transfer  
Information Technology - Business Office Management Technology Concentration 5514, A.S. Transfer  
Law Enforcement 7500, A.S. Transfer 

Certificate of Graduation
Statewide Transfer General Education Core 2260, C.G. 
Pharmacy Technology Certificate 4835, C.G.  
Accounting - Defense Finance and Accounting Services Certificate 5254 C.G.  
Accounting Certificate 5255, C.G.  
Business Management Direct Supervision Certificate 5366, C.G. 
Cyber Security and Network Operations Certificate 5457, C.G.   
Information Technology Certificate 5515, C.G.  
Business Office Management Technology Certificate 5516, C.G.  
Law Enforcement Certificate 7504, C.G.  
Law Enforcement Corrections Certificate 7505, C.G.  

Certificates of Program Completion
Substance Abuse Certificate 1055, C.P.C. 
Behavioral Sciences - Community Rehabilitation 1056, C.P.C. 
General Studies, Directed Studies Certificate 2255, C.P.C. 
Accounting Certificate 5251, C.P.C.  
Office Accountant Training Certificate 5252, C.P.C.  
Banking 5320, C.P.C.  
Business Management Direct Supervision Certificate 5367, C.P.C.  
Supply Chain And Logistics Certificate 5403, C.P.C.  
Entrepreneurship Certificate 5404, C.P.C.  
Web Publishing and Design 5453, C.P.C.  
Computer Programming - Database Certificate 5455, C.P.C.  
Management Training Certificate 5520, C.P.C.  
Sales Training Certificate 5551, C.P.C.  
Virtual Assistant 5611, C.P.C.  
Advanced Quality Management 5651, C.P.C.  
Web Site Development For e-Commerce 5752, C.P.C.  
Web Programming 5753, C.P.C.  


New technology solutions are vastly changing and improving the ways we teach and learn. Distance Education courses are created to utilize that technology to deliver courses to students wherever they are. Classes are delivered to the student - anywhere in the world! Distance courses are highly portable, providing students additional flexibility in scheduling and completing classes. Many of the barriers that have prevented students, both traditional and non-traditional, from pursuing their academic goals have now been laid aside.

Most University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses are available online.  Please contact the Distance Education office to confirm if the UCC course for your chosen degree can be completed online.

Courses are available to students over the Internet offered in four different term options to accommodate a variety of student needs: 16- week, 14- week, 12- week, 10- week, and 8- week. A schedule of courses can be found at www.vinu.edu/distance, or by contacting the Distance Education office at 1-800-880-7961.

Students interested in pursuing their degrees through Vincennes University’s Distance Education Program are subject to the University’s standard admissions requirements. Students may apply online at www.vinu.edu. Students may register for Distance Education courses by contacting the Distance Education office. Students choosing the distance education option are required to develop the same competencies and satisfy the same degree requirements as campus based programs. Credits earned through the Distance Education Program are applicable to the University’s residency requirements.

Financial Aid is available for eligible students taking distance education courses. Eligibility is determined in the same manner as for other campus-based programs. Special rules apply for courses scheduled for terms longer than traditional semester-based courses. Students should refer to the Financial Aid section of this catalog for specific information and may contact the Financial Aid Office at Vincennes University for course eligibility determinations.

Students with credits earned through CLEP or Dantes (DSST) standardized testing programs, and/or credits earned through other colleges or universities may request that Vincennes University award appropriate transfer credit toward their degree programs. Students should arrange to have official transcripts forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for transfer consideration. Military students desiring an evaluation of military training and experience for college credit according to approved ACE guidelines, should contact the Military Education Program office at Vincennes University.