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2018-2019 Vincennes University Catalog 
2018-2019 Vincennes University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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At Vincennes University there are programs of two general types: those designed specifically for transfer and those designed as occupational programs.

Vincennes University undertakes continuing articulation with representatives of Indiana’s public colleges and universities. These articulations have proven to be highly effective methods to assure that our college transfer associate degree programs are consistent with the first two years of the baccalaureate degree programs offered by these institutions. These articulation efforts have enabled Vincennes University to experience a long history of success in transferring academic credits to these institutions.

Students are reminded, however, that several factors may affect credit transfer, including: Grades earned in courses completed for transfer, with most colleges requiring grades of C or higher in order for the course credits to transfer; applicability of courses in the curriculum at the receiving institution; and, degree requirements of the receiving institution. The receiving institution makes the final decision regarding the acceptance and application of transfer course credits.

Vincennes University offers Occupational Workforce Development programs through several instructional colleges. A principal purpose of these programs is to develop graduates with technical knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for successful job entry, continued employment and advancement. Several of these programs have also been articulated with four-year institutions which allow graduates of these programs to pursue baccalaureate degrees in selected fields of study. Long-range planning and guidance from business and industry leaders have helped provide the modern equipment and relevancy found in Vincennes University Occupational programs.

Students are reminded, however, that several factors may affect job placement, including: Geographical distribution of job availability; the state of the economy; the individual student’s record of academic achievement; and, the employer’s perception of the student’s abilities. Clearly, decisions relative to employment are always the employer’s.

The occupational programs are technically and vocationally oriented curricula designed primarily for students who plan to enter employment immediately upon graduation. Some students, however, choose to continue their education at a transfer institution. Many VU occupational programs have articulation opportunities with the following universities: Ball State University, Indiana State University, Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis, Purdue University, Eastern Kentucky University, Ferris State University, Murray State University, Southern Illinois University, and Western Kentucky University. Please see your program/major advisor for specific information about these opportunities.

Bachelor Degree-Completion (DegreeLink)

DegreeLink is a Vincennes University-Indiana State University Partnership program that enables VU students (and graduates) to transfer VU associate degrees to ISU and complete selected ISU bachelor of science degrees.

Students have the option of completing their bachelor degrees on the ISU campus located in Terre Haute, Indiana - or via distance learning. In addition, selected ISU bachelor degree completion programs are offered on the Vincennes campus through a combination of on-campus (VU) and distance learning.

The following chart shows which VU degrees “link” to ISU bachelor of science degrees. Course-by-course credit transfer is possible for “nonlinking” degrees earned from VU.

Vincennes University Program

Transfer To

  Indiana State University Program
A.S. in Architectural or Industrial Drafting     B.S. in Mechanical Design Technology
A.S. in Business Administration     B.S. in Business Administration
A.S. in Business Administration     B.S. in Insurance
A.S. in Corrections or Law Enforcement     B.S. in Criminology
A.S. in Electronics Technology     B.S. in Electronics Technology
A.S. in Nursing     B.S. in Nursing
A.S.C.T., A.S. or A.A. in any program     B.S. in Human Resource Development
A.S.C.T., A.S. or A.A. in any program     B.S. in Career and Technical Education
A.S.C.T. or A.S. in any industrial technical program     B.S. in Industrial Supervision
A.S. in any technology-related program     B.S. in Industrial Technology

 In addition to the bachelor degree-completion opportunities available through DegreeLink (above), transfer agreements link over 60 VU programs to ISU bachelor degrees offered on the ISU campus. For information and assistance, contact the ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator, located in Vigo Hall, Room 292, at 812-888-6003. Visit DegreeLink on the web at

BridgeBack to ISU

BridgeBack to ISU is a Vincennes University-Indiana State University partnership program for high school graduates who were unsuccessful in their initial request for admission to Indiana State University. This program offers those students an excellent opportunity to strengthen skills and prepare for future success at Indiana State University.

For information on program requirements, contact the ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator, located in Vigo Hall, Room 292, at 812-888-6003.

Course Requirements

In order that the student may plan his or her program, plans of study are listed for all curricula on the pages immediately following. Special transfer requirements may need to be considered in addition to degree requirements.

Students are strongly urged to consult the catalogs of institutions to which they intend to transfer. Students who intend to transfer to Indiana State University should contact the ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator, located in the Welsh Administration Building 135, at 812-888-6003. Careful planning will minimize transfer problems.

Students should not necessarily expect to complete Vincennes University programs in four consecutive semesters as suggested by the recommended sequence on the following program outlines. If any developmental courses are necessary to prepare the student for courses required in the program or if the student enters a program consisting of sequential courses other than at the beginning of the fall semester, this is particularly true. Enrolling in summer school classes might well be an option a student might consider if they wish to complete their university program in two years.

For the benefit of working students and students who are parents, it is recommended that they enroll in no more than nine hours per semester.

Vincennes University will provide accessibility to handicapped students in its academic and vocational programs by insuring their enrollment in sections of programs which are accessible. Students having questions about enrollment in any courses in these programs should contact the University’s Coordinator of Disabled Students Services, Vigo Hall, Vincennes University or telephone 812-888-4501.

Dual Admission

Dual Admission is a Vincennes University-Indiana State University partnership program that allows students to be admitted to VU and ISU at the same time. Dual admission is ideal for students who plan to transfer a Vincennes University associate degree or certificate program and complete a bachelor degree at Indiana State University.

Dual admission guarantees VU students maximum credit transfer and admission to ISU programs for which they are eligible-if the associate degree or technical certificate is completed at Vincennes University. For more information, contact the VU Admissions Office or the ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator, located in Vigo Hall, Room 292, at 812-888-6003.

ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator (VU Campus Office)

The Indiana State University (ISU) Enrollment Services Coordinator offers Vincennes University students (and graduates) assistance and information on ISU degrees and transfer programs- including VU-ISU partnership programs listed in this catalog: BridgeBack to ISU; Dual Admission; and DegreeLink (bachelor degree-completion programs). To request information or schedule an appointment, contact the ISU Enrollment Services Coordinator, located in Vigo Hall, Room 292, at 812-888-6003 or 866-647-6710 (toll free).